Legend / Calendar Code

(M) - Mandatory

Cadets must attend or level progression may be in jeopardy.  A best effort to attend is expected.  Limited absences with good reason could be acceptable.

(MS) - Mandatory Supported

Similar to Mandatory Training, except that support is provided by the Zone or Area Offices of Department of National Defence.  DND is paying for the training, and they expect cadets to attend unless there are very extenuating circumstances.

(O) - Optional

Cadets may choose to participate or not.  Participation may improve the likelihood of extra privileges or opportunities.

(E) - Expected

Not a part of the Mandatory Training Syllabus provided by DND, but required in order to make the unit function effectively.  These events are usually community events or fundraising activities.

Cadets have resumed regular training on Tuesday evenings. 

Watch Google Classroom and email for updates regarding in-person or virtual meetings. 



Register at any time throughout the year, on the first Tuesday immediately following your 12th birthday!

12 Dundas Street East

P.O. Box 42
Erin, Ontario, N0B 1T0

Email: ssc242erin@gmail.com
Attendance Telephone: 519-833-2422


442 Legion:  http://www.erinlegion.ca/

OPC:  http://www.aircadetleague.on.ca/

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